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Hip, but not high-flying

B.E.A.C.H.:Best Escape Anyone Can Have. With such an abbreviation you set the bar high for your company. Fortunately everything is right at BEACH. And owners Eelco Dijk and Wout van Vessem worked hard for that. “Great that everything falls into place.”

Noordwijk is one of the most dynamic stretches of beach along the Dutch coast. Here are beautiful pavilions that dare and must choose to stand out from the neighbor. And that works very well. Eelco Dijk wanted to stand out in all this diversity with BEACH. “There are wonderful companies here, but we offer something unique with BEACH. We have created the authentic Balinese atmosphere here. And it is truly authentic, because we have imported seven shipping containers full of interior. You can just feel it in the case and see the details. It is beautiful, hip, but not high-flying. Just a nice relaxed beach atmosphere. We are open for 4.5 weeks, but have already had a party with 350 people, two weddings and twice a live music performance with saxoffons where everyone was dancing at the outdoor bar. Then everything really falls into its place, then it is as you dream it in advance. “

Affordable luxury

Dijk is therefore satisfied with the implementation of the plans in practice. “Of course you can always improve, but the implementation feels very good. We offer affordable luxury. Fresh products, carefully selected wines that we often serve by the glass. BEACH therefore also distinguishes itself from colleagues in Noordwijk on the menu. “We work a lot with chicken from the special rotisserie. You hardly see that on the beach and our guests know where to find us. We try to innovate in the ordering process. You can simply order the chicken from us online from your beach bed with a QR code on the windscreens. The kitchen will then start working and when your chicken is almost ready, you will receive an SMS that you can pick it up. By the way, beach beds can also be reserved this way. It really is a pavilion 2.0 in that regard. Also with the outdoor bar where you can eat and drink. “

One extra step

Also special on the beach: BEACH hardly uses any plastic. “We want to go to zero, but that is just not yet possible. But all that plastic, that blows into the sea. With all the knowledge about the pollution that it causes, I cannot justify it to myself. That is why we started looking for alternatives and that actually works perfectly. And we employ young people who regularly clean the beach for us, in addition to sweeping and collecting waste that we already do ourselves. I think it is incredibly important to go that extra mile. “Also when it comes to the menu, BEACH is in line with the modern age in which sustainability and health are important themes. “We have a lot of vegetarian and vegan on our menu. That is welcoming, everyone feels welcome here with such a menu, and it is just part of it if we try to reduce our footprint a bit. But no goat wool socks. We just put down a beautiful pavilion for everyone. “