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Rabobank is going to build about 12.000 temporary modular homes made of wood, metal and glass. These are high-quality homes that come in parts from the factory and are assembled at the place of destination. The homes will last for fifty years and are then fully recyclable, according to Rabobank.

The cost of building such a house is below 100.000, plus additionally 60-70% in installation costs.

Current considerable challenge is finding enough space for the temporary housing. The biggest issue is bureaucratic: houses can be built quickly but permits are processed very long by municipalities.

In the Netherlands majority of buyers prefer traditional concrete houses, but there are also many benefits of living in a wooden houses. If well isolated they are much more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly and require a fraction of CO2 to produce.

Scientists are taking concrete steps towards reducing cement’s massive carbon footprint

See more details about this news here: https://www.volkskrant.nl/nieuws-achtergrond/rabobank-bouwt-12-duizend-tijdelijke-huurwoningen-om-woningmarkt-los-te-trekken~bc2cb999

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