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Tough & stylish

From this spring, beach pavilion Strandhuys Katwijk has five spacious, stylish and modern beach houses. But without violating the unique experience of an overnight stay on the beach. “We consciously opt for fewer houses to offer peace and space.”

Anuschka Schöppe undertakes business together with two partners on the Katwijk coast. In 2015 they set up a beautiful new pavilion with Strandhuys Katwijk. In the meantime they feel the space to expand their entrepreneurship with five beach houses. Schöppe: “The focus in recent years has been entirely on Strandhuys Katwijk. A new pavilion, then you still have to take full care to ensure that everything runs perfectly. In the meantime Strandhuys Katwijk is completely in the way we want it and we have the space in our heads to work with beach houses too. ”Of course it is something else to offer overnight stays than to receive guests to eat and drink. “Fortunately, we have a network with people who have experience with this and who have given us some advice. First set up everything properly and invent what our guests need. And because Strandhuys Katwijk opens early in the summer, it is of course very easy for our guests to come and have breakfast in the beach pavilion. The cottages are actually fully equipped with the pavilion next door. “

Peaceful and spacious

Strandhuys Katwijk had a stylish appearance after the renovation. Schöppe also wanted to see that reflected in the houses. “We have invested a little more in the appearance and comfort of the houses. The roofs are made of the same red cedar wood as the roof of the pavilion. And we have made a nice screened porch where our guests can sit out of the wind and still sit on the beach. For the construction we used natural materials that you also find at the pavilion and in the design, the color scheme and accents also have interfaces with those of the pavilion. For example, dark teak wood on the floors and green and turquoise accents that you also see coming back there. It must form a unit. Inside the cottages are also fully equipped. Up to five guests can sleep in the houses at a time, but we have arranged it so that you also have privacy if, for example, you come with two couples to spend the night. got space on the beach. “We deliberately opted for a grand layout with a lot of space between the five houses. The attractive features of the beach are peace, nature and space. You should definitely experience that when you come to stay with us. Katwijk beach is known as quiet and wide. That is the unique strength of this stretch of coast and it is very nice that we can now also offer that as an overnight stay. ”